NAVEKSA manufacturing apps - Reach for production excellence - New release Version 8.09.02 - Highlights

Major highlights

Our applications become a more and more solid foundation for the companies who wants to operate as lean as possible in their administrative planning and execution of manufacturing activities. The fact that we extend our solutions with new functions all the time, now in our 11th year, makes our solutions even more interesting for a wider range of manufacturing companies with different or specific needs. We care about the words “Standard solutions” ”Certified solutions” “AppSource approved solutions” as we believe these keywords are common sense in many ways ahead. And we are also proud to be able to say that 98% of our customers uses our solutions as standard.


The latest release of our manufacturing add-on products, version 8.09.02, is about to be available on the following platforms:

  • Dynamics NAV 2017, 2018  
    • Older can be delivered – back to NAV2013R2 against a one-time fee of EUR 1.000. Note – Not all current functionality is available on older versions
  • Dynamics 365 Business Central C/AL On-Premise (SPRING releases – aka versions 13 and 14
  • Dynamics 365 Business Central AL, On-Premise, (SPRING, FALL releases - aka versions 13,14 and 15
  • Dynamics 365 Business Central Cloud (Downloadable via AppSource) 

Module enhancements:

In general, all Business Central / NAV platforms have been enhanced with new NAVEKSA role-centers to separate user and administrator functions in the solutions.




ShopFloor is a shop floor planning and execution tool [MES]; ultimately operating in a paperless execution environment. It is work shop oriented with planners planning the execution by setting the execution sequence and priorities while observing component and capacity constraints and potential necessary rescheduling. The shop floor worker operates with self-service getting info on his job and the next job to execute and as such performs all operations related to the job including comprehensive data collection.


ShopFloor version 8.09.02 enhancements

ShopFloor is ready for barcode scanning operations which have been fine-tuned for operator operations. We have also added a long-awaited function: The partial raw material/component issue.

Overall, we have changed the way the communication tool – webservices, operates in terms of improving faster response times.


  • General performance improvements have been implemented.
  • Barcode operations have been enhanced in some places.
  • Bundled order execution - material issue aggregation has been enhanced for project production orders.
  • Material issue has been added the option for partial material issue across all component lines.
  • Material issue Windows and BOM Windows updated with information on selected operation.
  • The ShopFloor application remembers last work center selected after shutdown.
  • Added support for Norwegian language.
  • A few enhancements have been added to material issue when using material issue boundary parameter.
  • Enhanced file location logic for drawings, including support for multiple folders and deep folder structure.




CadConnect is the “digitalization glue” between the CAD-system in the construction department and the BC/NAV system in the production engineering department. The solution removes the need for double entries in creating master data, and you are able to model your construction data into production data to reflect optimal manufacturing planning and execution.


CadConnect version 8.09.02 enhancements

Often you are left with more data elements in the CAD item repository, so-called CAD item property data, than there are available fields (room) for in standard BC/NAV. We have added functionality to integrate with BC/NAV “Item Attributes”.

We have added advanced templates for item creation, where you can setup a combination of up to three different values pointing to a specific Template. Also we now utilize financial dimensions on templates and other nice stuff for saving “property” data and other.


  • Item Attributes (-Up to 20) can be handled from CadConnect to NAV/BC Items (CAD people call these Item Attributes Item Properties)
  • Advanced Templates for item creation which basically creates a system for handling an unlimited number of different item creation templates.
  • Item version can be copied to standard BC/NAV attribute as a supplement to CadConnects own item version file.
  • User has the choice of changing replenishment system type despite product built-up logic tells something else (Exchange type “Prod.Order” with “Purchase”) (Header and Line)
  • Item creation based also on financial dimensions from template.
  • Update of standard cost on item creation.




ItemPlanning is the tool for the companies who want to know the exact future item availability with the ability to simulate implications “When the unexpected happens”. This together with a comprehensive shortage analysis and control makes it an indispensable tool for people working in logistics planning.


ItemPlanning version 8.09.02 enhancements

Overall, the ItemPlanning module has been enhanced with better location control, when looking for item/component shortages and availability, and we have fine-tuned the calculations on availability dates when in stating “When can we deliver”


  • Itemplanning - ITEM:  Quantity / Date simulation on Transfer orders.
  • ItemPlanning - BOM:  Changed layout and changed date calculations (Available dates)
  • ItemPlanning – SALES – Sales - Multi: Has been added filtering on locations to calculate exact location shortages.
  • ItemPlanning now comprises 8 individual inquiries – Item, bill of material, sales order, production order, sales order, multi sales order. multi production order, assembly bill of materials, planning worksheet integration.




Make-To-Order opens the door to be able to re-schedule a production order to a new due date. Or it could be a 50 lines project order which has to be rescheduled to new dates half-way through the 50 production order lines. Of course both material and capacity requirements are automatics recalculated when rescheduling. A cute little thing to be able to just with a few clicks.


Make-To-Order version 8.09.02 enhancements

Nothing has changed – It is probably as good as it can be.


Next release?

The next release will be version 8.10.00, scheduled for December this year; where we among other is working on these new features:

  • The ShopFloor application will be extended for the functional requirements in the  PROCESS/FOOD  industry.
  • Improvements will be added in the  QUALITY INSPECTION  area.
  • The ability to handle related  PRODUCTION ORDER PAPERWORK  in more digitized ways will be added.



Please write us at  for a URL-link to download from. We are still working on making an amazing number of 10+ different Dynamics 365 Business Central / NAV versions general available on this new version.


Thank you

Once again, we want to thank our customers and partners for excellent cooperation in making all the new things available, but also for all the good ideas for further development.




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