How to work with BAR/QR codes in ShopFloor

General usage

Until now the Naveksa ShopFloor operator terminal has been operated using a mouse, manual keying or tapping the soft touch screen.

Now we have added the option of running all transaction processing using barcode scanning. This means the display reacts and updates itself based on reading a barcode for the wanted function.

This bar code scanning option is ideal in a standard operating environment.

When we say standard, we mean manufacturing execution with basic start and end of jobs, and not too many other things which extend the needed transaction processing– f.ex. variable material issue, operator assignment of lot/serial numbers and other.

Of course, everything can be run in mixed mode – using a combination of mouse, keying, scanning or tapping the screen. But incorporating many functions can become complex, and probably no good in terms of operator usability.


So, the overall message is:


Keep the transaction flow simple when using bar coded transactions.


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