CadConnect - Function view - US-version - 3 min

Watch the video here:


  • With NAVEKSA CadConnect 365, you get a solution with a single screen overview and an easy way to create production data based on product design data.
  • NAVEKSA CadConnect 365 allows you to work with product data based on your technical designs transferred from a CAD system, or you can choose to create manually, or you can choose to copy an existing product from Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central to create a new product, you can even choose to change an existing product.
  • Main users are production engineers.
  • Data can be entered – Manually – Imported from CAD via Excel/XML – Copy from existing product.
  • Automatic data creation in 365 Business Central. Handles Item properties – 30 additional customer item attributes.
  • Advanced use of item creation templates. Bill of materials modelling features – expand and condense.
  • Add process data (routings) Run standard cost product calculations as you build.
  • Version control – items, BOM’s and routings.
  • Suitable for sales quotation work.
  • Single display workbench.
  • Used with Dynamics 365 Business Central on-premise or cloud.

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