ShopFloor - Function view - US-version - 4 min

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Elevate your business software – with the NAVEKSA ShopFloor app/ add on module for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and NAV you can plan and keep track of queue status and capacity load, determine the optimal run sequence, and communicate changes electronically to operators …


Function and features:

  • Planning the execution Sequencing, prioritizing, queue control, job assigment.
  • Display sections for jobs in process, jobs ready for processing, and future jobs.
  • Operator job execution – What shall I work on next?
  • Operator function buttons for additional info drawings, instructions.
  • Bundled production same process across multiple orders.
  • Job assignment assign on or more resources to a single job.
  • Tracking – Batch/lot/serial number assignment.
  • Tool instructions / Process documents. Registration of machine stop, reason and time.
  • Quality assurance and control.
  • Bar/QR coded papers and labels.
  • Extensive job time data collection.
  • Time & Attendance integrated solution available as a separate app.
  • Used with Dynamics 365 Business Central on-premise or cloud.


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