ShopFloor v.8.09.13

Release date: February 11th 2022

Output Screen:

  • Fixed numeric keys issue

Output screen Additional info:

  • Changed size
  • Changed selection from row to field
  • Fixed print functionality

Output screen Lot/serial:

  • Blank lines removed
  • Output Quantity distribution updated

Start job:

  • Event onStartJob added

Material  issue / preassigned lot/serial numbers:

  • Fixed issue where prod. Order. Comp. filter was missing

Automatic posting:

  • Improved error handling and stability

Show My Jobs:

  • Added Issue material function

Planning Resources:

  • Added ability to hide from ShopFloor     
  • Optional whether to refresh resources upon entering resource screen


  • Support for universal print

Material posting:

  • More robust error handling and new error state for ShopFloor cap. Entries


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