ShopFloor v.8.09.08

Release date:  April 2021

Applies to Dynamics 365 Business Central version 15 and newer.


  • New module for integrating ItemPlanning in ShopFloor Planning. (OnPremise only. BC Version 17 or newer)
  • Major enhancement area - Components issues for production orders
  • Now supports pre-assigned serial / lot numbers from BC central originating in Sales, Production and Warehouse modules.
  • Now supports product variants.
  • Now supports the same item appearing several times in the component list.
  • New function so that ShopFloor can assign serial / lot numbers based on the specified quantity that is to be issued.
  • New print option to print lot label with remaining stock.
  • The logic improved regarding the assignment of lot numbers and cancellation of the same.
  • The calculation logic for determining the remaining quantity in a lot, so that reservations are considered, and allocated through ShopFloor, and issued in the consumption journal, but not yet posted in BC.
  • Major enhancement area - Receiving finished production order items (reporting output)
  • An option to activate a "Secunda flow".
    This is an extended workflow in relation to specifying the lot on output receipt. These are now linked to the consumption lot number for tracking throughout the production process.
    Possibility to enter total number and a secunda number, then the system itself calculates the number of good (passed) items.
  • The logic improved regarding assignment of lot numbers and cancellations out of screen so that all values adjusted and now saved correctly.We have added production order routing operation with tools and instructions – tooling needed for the process, drawings, documents.


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