Improvements common for multiple modules



Applies to: ShopFloor v8.09.08, CadConnect v8.09.08, ItemPlanning v8.09.08 and MakeToOrder v8.09.08

Release date: April 2021

  • Our apps downloaded from Microsoft AppSource are now available in 44 countries.
  • Main languages remain Danish, English and German, Norwegian and Swedish whereas the ShopFloor client is available in Danish, German, English, Dutch, Norwegian, Swedish, and French.
  • Modified Role Center layout in all modules (BC)
    We have changed all role centers to be in line with standard Business Central appearance. The menus have been reorganized and are now more intuitive.
    Now you have direct access to our on-line help, and you can add Power-BI reports.


  • New Setup Wizard in all modules (BC)
    We have added a new setup wizard for all modules to help in the process of getting the applications setup correctly.
    You will now automatically be prompted for running the wizard.
    The wizard will show you all setup parameters for the App.


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