CadConnect v.8.09.13

Release date: February 11th 2022

Added additional input fields.

  • Extra weight fields for loading and updating added. Separate fields for item and BOM.
  • Loading and updating scrap% on item.
  • Loading and updating vendor no. and vendor/item no.


Handling of non-inventory items added in bill of materials.

  • Update of item type on item (e.g. non-stock item)


Re-structuring the selection of CAD input files

  • We have restructured input fields into sections. Item fields BOM fields are now separated I sections for better overview.


Added control routines

  • Controls for loading multi-dimension structure has been added if loading is defined as setup for one-dimension structure.
  • Correction regarding change of configuration templates when item changes between purchasing and production.
  • Check for item filtering when copying from existing ones.



  • Added a few extra fields when outputting constructions to Excel.
  • Route loading in CadConnect is now an option.
  • Added various missing translations


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